As a brand and a production vehicle, LOIN creates impacts: ecological, social and human. For this reason, we are committed to controlling these impacts by transforming them into the creation of positive values. The manufacturers of both lingerie and packaging are French, all our products are made in Paris where we collaborate with a reintegration network to provide work for women who need it. These women are also in charge of the shipment of the products for which the packaging is made from upcycled fabrics.

LOIN combines a great respect for the alive with curiosity and a desire for change expressed through innovation. The designer uses a process called bio-mimicry, which consists of drawing inspiration from existing properties of living things to create more functional objects.

This technique is applied to the design as well as to the manufacturing of products. The first collection found its inspiration in the movements of wet hair on the body. These movements define the lines of LOIN lingerie. Mathilde met with hundreds of women that she scanned in 3D, resulting in better understanding of the individual needs and plans for the future development of functional products.

Due to a gradual product launch, the sales model allows for on-demand production, which avoids stocks and unsold items.We are also in constant research and development to offer natural and recycled fabrics.

Lastly, we also innovate in our way of working, by collaborating with social and professional reintegration homes.

Photographs by Bettina Pittaluga